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React JS

A hybrid JavaScript with unlimited potential, either a mobile application or a web site. ReactJS is one stop solution for problem digital. It’s incredible flexibility allows for native feel which and whatever the platform.

Efficient & Robust web applications through ReactJS


76DE Technologies is your ReactJS development partner and we strive at building websites, UI or HTML effortlessly that are SEO friendly and has more dynamic features.

The flexible library provides hooks that facilitates interfacing with other libraries and frameworks. Companies using ReactJS HTML are benefited a great deal in developing new features without rewriting the existing codes. The elements can be split into segments that can be reused in other parts of the site. ReactJS stands out with its interoperability feature by rendering both on the server and client side. ReactJS development companies utilize the integrated library that can be seamlessly used with Angular JS or Node Js. We are one of the well known ReactJS development company in India.

The open-source project helps in creating fast and robust applications that support large chunk of data. Versatility and adaptability to internal failures allows building web applications using ReactJS efficiently.

Features of ReactJS

Open source and active community

Developed by Facebook and Instagram, ReactJS is an open source and free script. Although free, the script is under the strict watch of facebook about its usage. An active community means constant changes and updates to be competitive and have an edge over the other scripts.


When compared with the competition, such as Angular JS and ember. ReactJS is lightest framework, even if we can call it that. Given it’s performance and server side rendering capabilities, it is no slouch when it comes to giving tough competition to existing players.

Multi faceted components

In ReactJS, programmer defines the User Interfaces using native components. The components can be taken as simple functions as in any programming language The functions can be reused as needed and can be composed to perform bigger functions from smaller ones. A single component can be reused in multiple User Interfaces, and components can contain within other components.

Ease of use

When compared with Angular JS, ReactJS has much more precise approach to designing interactive interfaces. In Angular JS, the “ng-repeat” directive is used to create rendering views via loops. In ReactJS, JSX which is JavaScript that is used to create a loop over numerous HTML elements. This offers a much easier technique that can be deployed quickly.

Library or framework ?

The official definition of ReactJS is that it’s a library rather than a framework more specifically it is a framework for creating API’s. Even though it is incomplete from being a complete solution, it works well with other libraries.

Few hours from JavaScript

ReactJS is simply JavaScript, there are very few API’s to get used to. To be a ReactJS developer all one needs is the knowledge of JavaScript. Be proficient in ReactJS from being JavaScript is just couple of hours away.

Flux library

Flux is an architecture technique for creating data layers within the JavaScript applications. It was designed by Facebook with the React view library. It places a focus on creating explicit and understandable update paths for an application's data, which makes tracing changes during development simple. Debugging is also easy with this technique.


instagram Instagram

World’s largest photo based social networking site.

yahoo-mail Yahoo! Mail

One of leading providers of personal email service.

sberbank Sberbank

The largest bank in russia.

facebook FaceBook

The birthplace of ReactJS.

netflix Netflix

The most popular video streaming site, uses ReactJS on low performance TV devices.

reactjs Companies using ReactJS

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Walmart, and Altima.

Why go for ReactJS development


Unlike other frameworks like Titanium and PhoneGap, React Native overcomes the problems brought up by the others like performance, battery usage and feel. React Native differs others types of frameworks, unlike others frameworks which work by wrapping web content in a webview format resulting in UI elements which lack a natural feel to them. To overcome this problem React Native uses JavaScript components backed by original iOS and Android components so the applications one builds is fully native and natural.

Why work with us?

Partnering Approach

We work in a partnering approach with clients, and we love to see the project not as a job to be done, but as a cause we will invest in.

Best Coding Practices

We believe in bringing the best practices in software implementation with a consulting approach to the process.

Robust implementation methodology

Our robust implementation methodology ensures best value for money and faster ROI.

Experienced & Dedicated Developer

76DE’s team of highly experienced MEAN developers and consultants certified in APICS, PMP, Six Sigma brings true value to customer and helps realize their higher return on investments through a consultative implementation approach.

Proven Expertise

Successfully completed 5+ US Federal Projects, 10+ US State Government projects and over 30+ web, mobile and online marketing projects.

76DE ReactJS development services

Another open source JavaScript for creating a user interface. Jointly developed by Facebook and Instagram community, a brainchild of Jordan Walka a software engineer with Facebook. It was launched in Facebook’s news feed in 2011 and it was picked up by Instagram in 2012. In 2015 React Native was launched as an open source for the public. It’s script enabled native iOS, Android and Windows platform.

Write once, run anywhere (or sometimes everywhere) a slogan created by sun Microsystems to show the benefits of java language, which means java can be developed on any device to be run on any machine which is equipped with a java virtual machine (JVM). These types of codes have changed how applications are thought out and materialized. In the truest sense of the words, React Native is not a write once, run everywhere code. One has to build the UI components specific to the platform. What React Native provides in single skill set which in turn would allow the programmer to access to multiple platforms. Our ReactJS development company in India has helped many clients to realize the true potential of ReactJS.

To someone with a web-based JavaScript background, React Native can turn any web developer into a mobile application developer. The React Native is a strong improvement on the existing cross-platform frameworks. Still in its infancy, React Native comes with its own niggles and nags, An incomplete library with most features missing, while new practices are being unearthed. And the releases and updates are few and far between. Even with all these handicaps, React Native’s pros outweighs all its cons. With it’s single JavaScript code base which is enough to create both iOS and Android applications all while upholding the quality, performance and native feel of the applications. Even if it doesn’t make all the native codes obsolete, it still is best of all worlds.

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