By effectively dealing with mysterious business problems that kill your productivity. A good UI with an intelligent UX is always good for your business as well as your users. In this era of digital revolution, it is very important to give your customer the best and easy journey on your customer services.

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Let’s first clear the confusion. Putting it simpler, User Interface (UI) is the screen that a user interacts with a service. The visual elements such as images, icons, buttons, etc. enables the user to interact with the application/service. User Experience (UX) is the process that happens when a user interacts with the user interface and happens automatically. But a good UX design is achieved when both user and the business has been treated with the best and easiest solutions they need. It is the art of initiating optimistic emotions through the service interaction.


76DE has been very much experienced in building applications that offers the best user experiences. Be it a mobile app, a web application or any digital service, we strive to maintain the user as the prime focus. The business logic has been implemented in such a way that helps the customer keeps using the solution frequently. Every element in the UI/UX design is treated with utmost priority and checked whether it has any role in the communication process. The design, be it UI or UX, is done with the perception in mind that the design should virtually follow customer’s thought order and appear with proper solution at the right time.

Every user interface has been designed with the modern design techniques and trends without losing its soul experience. All the minute design elements and interactions are crafted very carefully to create intuitive and gorgeous user interfaces.

A comprehensive design and creative solutions partner

Combining the best industry practices, 76DE offers its clients top-notch design and creative solutions earning an upper hand in the business.

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Why Work with us?

Our development approach has evolved with years of experience in this arena and is periodically revised and now refined to enhance usability, security and accessibility aspects of a Web Application. Understanding the latest development methodologies for faster delivery and better quality, 76DE uses an iterative development process based on a combination of AGILE + Waterfall framework for building software solutions for its clients.

Partnering Approach

We work in a partnering approach with clients, and we love to see the project not as a job to be done, but as a cause we will invest in.

Best Coding Practices

We believe in bringing the best practices in software implementation with a consulting approach to the process

Robust implementation methodology

Our robust implementation methodology ensures best value for money and faster ROI.

Experienced & Dedicated Developer

76DE’s team of highly experienced MEAN developers and consultants certified in APICS, PMP, Six Sigma brings true value to customer and helps realize their higher return on investments through a consultative implementation approach.

Proven Expertise

Successfully completed 5+ US Federal Projects, 10+ US State Government projects nsi-la and over 30+ web, mobile and online marketing projects.